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About us

Our Team

We are a Management Consultant Firm based in Aarhus, Denmark. We are all consultants on a mission to strengthen purpose-driven organizations. We want to be measured by our ability to create value, build client competencies, and balance thought and action to drive projects forward.

To keep our model as flexible as possible we have established a network of more than 20 subject matter experts to support us with deep domain-specific insights. By tapping into the brightest minds in the industry, we ensure to follow the right hypotheses and limit time.

We work with large and medium-sized organizations and do pro bono work for start-ups.

John Agerholm
+45 4115 6345

Steffen Pilgaard

+45 3163 0554

Jesper Poulsen
+45 4255 3121

Sarah Estrid Gran Sommer

+45 3022 3429

Michael Sjælland
+45 6169 2850

Laila Melgaard
+45 6130 2434

Rolf Kragelund
+45 2546 1574

Emma Petri

+45 2067 4587

Søren Hjertholm
+45 2233 6314

Mads Kjærgård Hansen

+45 5154 9387

Frederik Blokhus

+45 2068 4908

Mira Frausing

Jesper Tjørnager Jakobsen

Claus Tolstrup Jensen

+45 2255 0575

Asbjørn Damgaard Hansen

Andreas Kostopoulos